Sun rise as we jet our way to the far far east 

Charlie the cat who didnt come with us (doesnt like spicy food) 

A Trip In China

Participants -

 Golden Bear,              (Rupert)

 Bad Arse Mama, 屁股 (Hilary)

Monkey Warrior, 战士     (Leela)

Laughing Cow,    奶牛     (Gina)

(ie the Cottey clan )

Itinerary -     Hongkong          2/9/05 - 5/9/05

                   Xian                 5/9/05 - 8/9/05

                   Beijing              9/9/05 - 15/9/05

Also -

                    The Return Home

                    Thoughts and Notes


This is my Blogg of our trip, please use the links to read and (hopefull) enjoy, I certainly enjoyed living and writing it. Thanks to Monkey Warrior for the photos.  They are in original resolution so apologies for the time taken to download, but if you right click to view any of them there is some spectacular detail.

Golden Bear


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